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gogoCLIENT Release Notes


Initial release.


- DS-Lite Support Added for Microsoft Windows versions.


- DNS Server Support Added. Automatic configuration of an IPv6 DNS server/resolver added for Microsoft Windows versions.

- TSP version 2.0.2 support added for Microsoft Windows versions. TSP 2.0.2 version is required for automatic DNS Server configuration feature.

- Persistent connect loop. Connection reliability improvement by having gogoCLIENT attempting to connect for longer period of time after an initial error is received by the server. Can be disabled by providing -b command line option.

- Command line option -y provided for Linux users running gogoCLIENT as a service for automatic addition of server's public key when using authenticated mode.

- Command line option -n provided for running gogoCLIENT as a foreground process. Useful for connection debugging.

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