Instructions for bootstrapping to the latest Subversion version

Subversion RPM Packages

Instructions for Use

Note 1: For now you will need to install the subversion RPMS with the rpm "--nodeps" option when the subversion-tools package is installed.

If you don't intend to use the Apache server modules, you just need these 4 RPMs: apr, apr-util, neon, and subversion.

To run the Subversion server (via apache), install all the above RPMs and the subversion-server RPM.

To compile Subversion, you will need the devel RPMs.

Bootstrapping to the Lastest Version

To get the latest RPMs of Subversion and all the other packages, install the client RPMs listed above. Then go to and use the subversion client you just installed to grab the latest RPM sources for all the packages. Use RPM to compile (rpm -ba whateverfile.spec) those and upgrade (rpm -Uvh whatever-version-release.i386.rpm) to the latest binary RPMs for the packages you just compiled.

[ICO]NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

[DIR]Parent Directory  -  
[   ]apr-0.9.5-0.2.src.rpm26-Dec-2003 15:47 942K 
[   ]apr-util-0.9.5-0.1.src.rpm26-Dec-2003 15:47 477K 
[   ]cvs2svn-1.2.1-1.src.rpm14-Jun-2005 20:31 208K 
[   ]httpd-2.0.48-3.src.rpm26-Dec-2003 15:47 6.0M 
[   ]mod_perl-1.99_09-10.src.rpm04-Jan-2004 11:19 910K 
[   ]mod_python-3.0.3-3.src.rpm04-Jan-2004 11:19 223K 
[   ]neon-0.24.7-1.src.rpm07-Jul-2004 18:48 596K 
[   ]php-4.3.4-1.1.src.rpm04-Jan-2004 11:17 3.6M 
[   ]rapidsvn-0.7.2-1.src.rpm16-Jan-2005 19:23 467K 
[   ]subversion-1.3.2-1.src.rpm07-Jun-2006 13:28 5.1M 
[   ]swig-1.3.25-1.src.rpm02-Jan-2006 21:37 3.3M 
[   ]wxGTK-2.4.2-1.src.rpm25-Feb-2004 18:07 5.1M 

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